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Gemeinsam mit Future Events aus Zürich, betätigen wir uns als Vermarktungspartner der Eventserie: The Unseen Room in Kooperation mit der Tamedia Group. Mehr Informationen folgen sehr bald. Bei Interesse an einer Kooperation, senden Sie uns eine Email.


Mit viel Stolz waren wir wie bereits im Vorjahr zuständig für die photo- und videographischen Umsetzung der Weihnachtsgala seitens der Fischer Acquisitions AG. Mit einem Klick auf das Bild startet das Eventvideo. Wir wünschen viel Spass!


We are already stoked to announce our newest production we created for Loris Benito of BSC Young Boys, the current Swiss Champion and Champions League attendant. Coming in November 2018.

BallOut x Neymar.png


We’re stocked to announce that we are responsible for the new CI/CD, such as the digital marketing strategy and magazine design of the brandnew ‘BallOut Soccer Magazine’. More informations will be following real soon, as the magazine is planned to being released on January 1st in 2019. Stay tuned about this project.

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Kitchen Aid x Nadia Damaso

It’s finally out, the brandnew collaboration between the US-brand Kitchen Aid and Nadia Damaso for an exclusive set to buy only at chosen FUST stores in Switzerland. Find out more right here!

Siggi The Chef | Digital Ad

One of Switzerland’s finest chefs is literally setting the kitchen on fire. We have been with Siggi Tschurtschenthaler for a few days to capture his art of food in an epic image video. Enjoy!


Nadia Damaso | Volvo XC40 Ambassador

As the new car of Volvo the XC40 finally got revealed, they were looking for a matching ambassador for the new car on the Swiss market. We introduced Nadia Damaso and the rest is history!

BMW i3 | Social Media Ad

Electricity is the key, electricity is the future & electricity is the present. We have been capturing the brandnew BMW i3 in the city of Moscow with some of Russian’s most followed personalities. Enjoy!

Nadia Damaso x Novis | TV & Digital Ad’s

As the official ambassador of the brandnew Swiss high-class blenders & juicers Novis, we have produced two exclusive advertisings, capturing the simplicity and quality of each product. Have fun watching!

UBS Bank | Innovation Pop-Up Speech

We are really proud to announce that the founder of our agency, Kevin Oberholzer has the honor to talk in front of a selected group of entrepreneurs at the UBS in Chur for this years Innovation Pop-Up.


Sam Kolder | European Marketer

The Canadian videographer gained worldwide fame throughout his mindblowing work for Beautiful Destinations or MVMT watches and is now one of the most influential personalities in the travel industry. We support Sam Kolder regarding partnerships and brand cooperations on the European market.


Heart Munich |  Eat Better Not Less with ♡

What happens if you bring the Swiss cookbook-author Nadia Damaso to the hippest location in the heart of Munich & involve Tag Heuer as the official partner? Exactly, a really fun night with great food & guests!

Nike Breaking 42 | Digital Ad

Nike wanted to present the brandnew sportswear collection with some of Russian’s most followed influencers in the heart of Moscow. Enjoy what we created within this amazing opportunity!


Ornaris Messe | Nadia Damaso

It has been exciting three days, as Nadia Damaso has made her special appearances at this years Ornaris Messe in the heart of Zurich-Oerlikon. We will upload some images real soon!

Adidas | Go Bro

Enjoy the latest production for Adidas Russia to showcase their brandnew running ‘Ultra Boost’ footwear. Created and developed with our exclusive partners, Team Take from Moscow.


Oleg Cricket

We are stunned to start working with the Russian-Daredevil and worldknown Rooftopper Oleg Cricket as their official marketer in Switzerland. We are already excited to tons of interesting partnerships!


Mit viel Stolz waren wir wie bereits im Vorjahr zuständig für die photo- und videographischen Umsetzung der Weihnachtsgala seitens der Fischer Acquisitions AG. Klicken Sie sich durch die Galerie und geniessen Sie die wunderschönen Bilder und Atmosphäre an dem einzigartigen Abend. Zur Galerie gelangen Sie mit nur einem klick, direkt hier. Wir wünschen viel Spass!

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 11.38.02 AM.png


It’s finally out. The brandnew collaboration between the German nutrition brand WYLD and Nadia Damaso with a range of three natural, sugar-free and healthy breakfast variatons. Enjoy and order yours now!

Gotschna | Digital Ad

Once there was a pretty epic weekend in Klosters-Davos we captured within an incredibly stunning landscape, set together of some unique trails, gravel pits & dirt jumps. Have fun watching.


Preston Paperboy | Art Management

Exciting news coming to our way as we are officially representing the UK-based artist Preston Paperboy. Therefore we will take care of brand collaborations, such as special edition pieces & art collaborations.

Puma x Travis | Digital Ad

Take some fresh kids & soccer players and combine them with one of the biggest lifestyle & sports brand like Puma and simply watch what happens. Two fun days at the Puma HQ and this happened. Enjoy!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-01 um 16.53.53.png

Michèle Krüsi | Management Partner

She is one of the most followed personalities in Switzerland, especially in fashion, lifestyle & travel. As we truly love the way this young lady works, we support Michèle in any kind of marketing belongings.


Nadia Damaso | Dyson Pure Cool Release

As Dyson, one of the most innovative companies on earth has officially introduced their brandnew products, we have been a part of the celebration with Nadia Damaso as the official cook of the day.


Patrick Seabase | Management & Marketing

Overcoming incredible challenges with a BMC bike with only 1 gear, Patrick is truly a one of a kind sports professional which is evolving his sport into new areas. We are supporting Patrick and his team in different kind of partnership, sponsorship and marketing belongings.

Puma x Oleg Cricket | Digital Ad

The Russian daredevil & lifestyle influencer Oleg Cricket teamed up with Puma to capture the brandnew lifestyle sneaker in a very diverse and innovative style. We hope you like what we therefore created!


Nadia x MySwitzerland | Social Media Takeover

Born and raised in the beautiful Engiadina, Nadia Damaso knows each place to have fun or simply relax in the beautiful Swiss mountains. Therefore she took over the @myswitzerland Instagram account for four days to showcase the most beautiful & epic places to thousands of followers from around the world.

Team Take | Showreel

With big pride we are working with Team Take out of Moscow, Russia since 2018 and have already captured some amazing content. Watch our brandndew showreel right here and enjoy it!

Novis x Nadia Damaso

The Swiss manufacturer of highclass kitchen machines, Novis has agreed on a 2-year exclusive partnership with the Swiss best-selling cookbook-author Nadia Damaso. We want to thank our client for their trust!

Maserati | City Opening

We have captured and filmed the amazing event of Maserati Switzerland in the heart of Zurich, opening their brandnew City Showroom at one of the most popping locations. It has been an amazing night!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-30 um 10.12.23.png

The Missing Turn | Saas-Fee

Sometimes things happen that we don’t really want to tell, but somehow we need to, to remind ourselves of how lucky we are in life sometimes. As we have been capturing the new image-movie of the private ski-teachers ‘Sports Executive’ on the glacier of Saas-Fee in Switzerland, one of the teachers has followed the wrong route and ended up really close on a 35m crevasse. With the help from Saas-Fee Guides, we have been able to rescue our teacher. Thank god everyone is safe and we still had an amazing trip with the whole crew. Unexpected moments lead to never forgetting memories. Thank you again Saas-Fee Guides.



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